open found and Susan


My first post…I can connect to the world and get some feedback!!! I am looking forward to doing some collaborative writing here.

Goodnight to this crazy world that fascinates all of us!!


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2 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Dear Susan,
    Really nice blog. I am going to use the blog to teach writing for my students. I will start this semester, at the moment still empty. You can see it at
    If you are interested in reading my poem and short stories you can go to If you are intersted in peeping my official site go to and my unfinish site for creating a quiz
    Thanks for visiting my blog and keep in touch–>

  2. it’s me again, Susan….I have posted a photo of my kids, next project is to add my husband and even Smokey my magic cat!! Must get some poetry in here…that’s my specialty.

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