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Chicago is great

Here is a little memoir of Chicago from 2006 summer visit to my home town.  This is the “Bean” sculpture in Millenium Park, recently built downtown near Lake Michigan.  Cities built on lakes are unique, little did I know, Chicago 2006 Millenium Parkgrowing up there and taking it all for granted…

the Bean mirrors the city and is a bean-shaped huge thing.  Nearbye is a new amphitheater, outdoor cafès and garden.  I am proud of Chicago…

Btw, click onto the photo to see it enlarged and if you look in the middle you will see my two sons, Tommaso and Daniel…(see Danny taking the photo??)

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One thought on “Chicago is great

  1. I visited your great hometown just once, in June 1999, and found it quite amazing. I stayed in a hotel in the west part of the city, if I remember well, for a week course on critical thinking skills where most of the participants worked at a nursing school, I have no idea why. I went to the city by train several times and even enjoyed a summer free concert at a park by “Chicago”, one of my favorite groups when I was young.

    Since I was alone, I took the traditional doubledecker sightseeing bus and took an architectural cruise tour as well, watched a film at the Imax at the Natural History Museum, spent hours at a bookstore trying to decide on the best (and not so expensive) book on Chicago´s architecture and Frank Lloyd Wright, went to the Sears tower, the navy pier, a very trendy avenue I don´t remember its name, and just simply had a blast and would love to visit it again. I still enjoy identifying when movies are shot there, and there are more than one would guess.

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