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explode ing


why on earth can’t I just imbed some code in this blog?? How am I going utilize explode if I can’t have it here to look at??? I will have to upgrade….

You know that it is the means not the ends that is worth your while (so the actual destination is less than the journey)….

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3 thoughts on “explode ing

  1. Hi, Susan,

    Last night I registered in Explode. Very nice and wanted to do the same thing as you. An easy copy and paste of the code and have it nicely standing in my sidebar. I went to sleep very frustrated…Couldn’t do it! I really like some of the features in wordpress, but Blogger can be more “responsive” to my lack of expertise! I really sympathize with you.



  2. thanks, Berta…I know this and have contacted wordpress too…but am still at odds about it …blogspot was easy although my knowledge of code is limited.

    Btw, now our session is finished. I will continue to use the resourses in the wiki when I need them. At the moment I don’t need webcasts and haven’t used them too much…this will be a future project. What about yoou??

    nice to keep in touch!! this is a bright and cheerful message from you…
    😉 susan

  3. Hi Susan, don´t get desperate. WordPress is not the place to embed html code. I have tried different things and it does not work. I even got a message from someone from wordpress itself to one of my comments about “ways to go around their limitations”.

    Lloyd Budd // Jan 28th 2007 at 3:49 am (edit)

    “No way to get around our limitations — it is for security.
    Please do send us feedback with services you feel would improve the experience. The ones you, our customers want we then evaluate (their security) for adding.”

    All the best, Berta

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