open found and Susan



worse than any loss

worse than abstinence from sugar, alcohol or sex

lack of web is dis connective as

I sit behind/in front of the glowing tube and plug in to other worlds

I have yet been granted my one and only wish: to be connected again…

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7 thoughts on “WEB ADDICTION…!

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  1. Hi Susan
    If you don’t have an RSS feeder, you definitely need one.
    If you are working with Firefox, bloglines is the easiest because all you have to do is click on the little orange RSS sign in the URL window and then you are taken straight to the right place, but you have to open bloglines to see what’s come in.
    Or you can try out Netvibes, which has a whole bunch of nifty things and is completely adaptable. Feedblitz sends you e-mails – not a good one for me since I am often swamped in them, but effective in getting your attention. Then there are feeddemon, which you have to pay for, and sharpreader, which runs on Explorer but not on Firefox.
    I hope this helps, otherwise let me know 🙂
    And I hope your computer’ll be up and running soon.

  2. kids are addicted, too. My son downloads music and films while he chats with his friends, my daughter and my other son listen to music and chat, too.

    Seems like I am getting a big response on my addiction. You are one step ahead of me though…getting RSS feed? Can you tell me how you managed that because I never got that together in my blog and can’t respond to, for example, your posts.

    hope all is well by your neck of the woods!!

  3. Let me join the club!
    My hubby commented yesterday that I was an addict, and yes I am. I can get along fine on vacation when there is no computer around, but put one near by and I’ve gotta get on it! I’m actually actively working on not going on the computer in the evening so I can spend the time with my kids. At least I recognize the problem and can deal with it. I guess I’d have square eyeballs without kids!

  4. ah… too…definitely addicted….and here I had been without a connection for 2 drastic weeks thanks to the stupid telephone company and some kind of broken who-knows-what! I was running around from library to internet cafe…

    yesterday my line came back and we all cheered. I don’t see this as a problem because it hurts no one and the web is very informative and educational. Certainly better than TV…right?
    Susan in Italy…where are you?

  5. Susan,
    This is no joke. I actually think I have a problem with this. I need to keep getting to my computer when I get up/get home, etc. One day I was off all day and it felt great!!! But then people had been trying to reach me. Not sure what to do about this.

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