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Webquests: Language Circuits

I am really pleased today to have finished this article that will be published in Form@re at Calvani and Silvana’s request. I was very slow at getting started due to connection problems and then format problems that drove me bananas yesterday when I tried to write it up properly in WORD 2007 and got crazy cut-offs at the end of each line – something like th

is. I had to retype the whole thing on Saverio’s laptop, images and the whole lot. Actually it did me some good because in doing so I was able to proof-read it with accuracy . Very pleased with the results! Read it here: Webquests: Language Circuits

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2 thoughts on “Webquests: Language Circuits

  1. Illya, it feels good to have someone enthusiastic ….I appreciate your interest! Wriitng this article at first seemed really hard but when I finally sat down to do it it came easy…despite some of the technical problems. I guess that is how it works.

    I enjoy writing. When I was little my ambition was to become a famous author. Blogging makes that easy, right?


  2. Hi Susan
    Thanks for sharing! I’ve downloaded and will use some time in the train tomorrow to read it.

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