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something I am learning about and have not yet conquered: tagging

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3 thoughts on “Oddiophile…?

  1. I love tagging and I’m trying to make it more part of my work. That’s the purpose of my blog: to investigate how tagging might help my company and it’s clients. I work in small design/research consultancy.

    On wp tagging…

    Ok, I see, default categories… hmmm… let me look.

    Manage > Categories > I have a long list of categories… Do you?

    When I write a post I can tick any of the existing categories I want to use AND add new ones on the fly.

    There was a default category when I first started the blog; I think it was called “uncategorised”. I renamed that to “tagging” and it worked as the new default for a while. But then somehow I managed to delete “uncategorised” and I no longer have an automatically applied default tag. Not sure what happened there!


    Do you have a ‘Categories’ sidebar widget?

    Presentation > Sidebar Widgets

    In mine I have none of the details filled in. None at all. Maybe that helps to list them all rather than just some.

    Let me know how you get on.



    PS: I replied to your comment on my ‘poverty of search’ blog post, by-the-way. You made me think on it more. 🙂

  2. Tagging: I like your name…..;-)

    okay, I know about categories=tagging and thanks for that anyway….what I can’t figure out is how to get more categories listed on my sidebar…I have loads of them but get only the default ones listed and that is not very handy…..

    is tagging part of your work?

    I have a name for uou…Susan!

  3. Hey Susan,

    Thanks for your comment, the first on my blog 🙂

    About how I tag in WordPress… I cheat!

    I use the categories as tags by applying as many as I need to describe the post (quite a few, it seems).

    It’s funny that if you mouse over the links in your “Posted in Life links” at the bottom of this blog post you get:

    So WordPress itself describes your categories as ‘tags’, but doesn’t let you call them that yourself; you have to list them under categories 😦

    I don’t use Technorati tags because I don’t use Technorati to search for things. I use to find things because I’m a tagger not a blogger!



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