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if you ask me what it is I can show you this picture taken last year at Bal Harbour which is part of Miami Beach. Miami has great beaches, warm, salty water and very big waves but I think you might find a beach like this one in many other places in the world. I prefer the ocean to the sea because of its energy::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


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8 thoughts on “Paradise

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  1. I’ve been sending my kids in my place, so I haven’t been getting there myself.
    I just realized that we are close, though. Maybe we can organize a ‘local’ f2f webheads meet!
    spring greetings

  2. I guess we both will have to settle for the nearbye seas…and after all, they aren’t so bad, are they…? Do you ever get “back home” ?

    more greetings, Susan

  3. I also love the ocean and wish I could sail. Wouldn’t that be great to just sail over? A bit difficult from switzerland, however.


  4. where are your originally from?? I was also interested in the actual text stickynotes (embedded in your sidebar….)

    that is nice…!

    meanwhile, how is it in Chicago? Do you miss your old home? I hate moving and often wonder how I would be today had I never left Chicago…..typical thoughts, right???

  5. Great pictures…and I like your main page picture of “the Bean” in Chicago. I just moved to Chi-Town last year and have stood under that sculpture!

    As for the Stickynotes…simply really. I draw on an actually stickynote, scan it, crop and edit it in photoshop. Then I upload it to (you could use an image archive site), and post to my blog! No trickery!

    Thanks for stopping by!

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