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the next Tesol convention is in Rome…what can I write about lifelong learning that hasn’t already been said? How can I make a stimulating discussion just because I am involved? ?

What kind of material can I discuss? How personal can I get? This is one of my stick-it to-do s!

here is my proposal:


Lifelong education is often achieved through e-learning as part of Masters and post-graduate programs for those who want to improve their skills and qualifications. Continued learning takes diverse forms, often crossing traditional academic bounds such as communities of practice. Connectivism, a term coined by George Siemens, is a concept of learning through network forming in which learning occurs not only in a traditional classroom but also in ordinary life.


The talk is focused on lifelong learning and how internet provides us with the opportunity to learn through a variety of venues that respond to every need and interest. Technological progress has accelerated the possibility to learn in a constantly changing world. Internet provides the user with instant information, simultaneously allowing us to share it with other people from any part of the world. This kind of peer-to-peer learning is both beneficial and fun particularly in language acquisition. Communities of practice such as edtechtalk and webheads as well as forums and university courses are geared toward this model of learning.

One Canadian educator, George Siemens has coined the word Connectivism which deals with principles explored by chaos, network, and complexity and self-organization. He believes that experience is the best teacher of knowledge and that other people’s experiences, and hence other people, become the surrogate for knowledge. Therefore we “collect knowledge through collecting people.” Through my personal experience in lifelong learning and participation in both communities of practice and Masters programs as teacher and student, I hope to stimulate and explore the options that are available.


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  1. i really liked this approach of learning. i too want to join.

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