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Chianti Country Club II

now that it is over and I am brown from being in the sun all day for 2 weeks and have looked after these children and tried so hard to get them to open their lips and utter words in inglese without being so distracted by the passing man in a wheelchair being moved into the swimming pool, or the the teasing and fighting and hitting….for example Atrium was ready to grab instructors from between their legs, throw objects into his companion’s face….or Francesco who participated the most in English but then made fun of Stefano: “you don’t want to study, you are a little baby” thus proceeding to tip him gently over onto the floor…..Stefano was always wining or crying about what he wanted or did not want, dreaming into the distance and drawing into the dirt in the tennis court….I made him dress himself and he did!

Then there were the instructors….Francesco who did 2 weeks like me….he was the most interesting and sexy because he was going to see his papa in Brasile where he periodically went to work with the poor children of Rio. He and I had some communication /rapport and he kissed me goodbye yesterday which was special. Roberto was tall and handsome with long hair and he made the kids into famous players like Gattuso or Toni and played with them in the heat and sun. Gianluca taught swimming and was really good at it, calling the kids aciughe that should swim with their zampe a punte and teasing them. I thought he was great. Although he was not as sweet in the end as Francesco. There was also Angelo who taught tennis and Silvia the coordinator, Silvia the everything helper and Susanna who was there the first week who took care of the little ones, screaming if they frustrated her. That is not my style but I was very quiet and tended to participate less than she.

Yesterday we put on a show…singing Ten Little Indians, If You’re Happy and You Know It and doing some touch your nose/don’t touch your nose activities ….this was a success. I presented the show by saying “Ladies and gentlemen….attention please!” in true M&M style! I got compliments from 2 of the intructors and one little girl named Elena came to me later with her brother to say in English!! “thankyou for the songs!” which really touched me and made me feel that it had all been worthwhile afterall, despite the windy roads to get to Poggio Ugolino and the 45-50 minute ride, despite the heat and stanchezza from walking up and down the fields hilly terrain, despite the unwilling children who never seemed interested enough in doing English!

Now I am free…at least I can mail a letter, sleep late, be around my own kids, clean my house and get my own work done…..

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