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KnowLanguage 2.0 or KnowTalk or Know WHAT????…or KnowLearn or ….KnowEnglish

my Moodle as language coordinator…! In KnowPlace! I am very excited. I am thinking of names and have come up with KnowLanguage 2.0. Here I will be offering online language courses to a variety of clients such as schools, engineers, kids, summer camps, hospitals, corporations, businesses. Could go private or state.

…more to come 🙂


  • Who is my client?
  • What is the particular advantage of studying online?
  • How do I find my clients?
  • Describe a marketing plan
  • How do I market my target group?
  • Developing courses – which courses?
  • What kinds of courses?
  • Contact a possible client…what are they looking for? Plan around that.
  • How can you offer what the target group wants/needs?
  • How does the target group spend its day?
  • Podcasting
  • Conferencing
  • Whiteboard – Illuminate
  • Second Life


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