open found and Susan

last days in Florida

We have been to Miami Beach twice, little did I know that it was a kind of island????  with a causeway that leads from the main land to the beaches.  I have been going there since I was two years old and yet this idea of island is total news to me… we were able to meet Webhead, Carla Arena and  her family in South Beach last Saturday which was fun.  I will be adding pics when I get back…

Today we went to see Silia, my mom’s friend.  We went to the private beach there which is glorious.  If only I could have it all year long!  We rushed back to Boca after an awful lunch at Rascal House and got to Scott and Judy’s for dinner.  Much more fun to be with cousins.  Sorry I didn’t catch dad today at rehab…..  He was alone today and even mom didn’t get to help him.

Tomorrw we have the last minute things to do, packing being one of them, seeing mom and dad and settling something about house and home being another.  Last minute things to buy….dreamy wishes to see the ocean and take my last dip in….

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