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livemocha free language


has a free language learning site worth looking into.  Very slick…I have checked out the Italian and English lessons, for which there is also TOEFL.  Needs a little bit of categorizing so one can find, for example, specific contents to study such as verb tenses or adjectives… Nice interface! Many languages are up now.

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4 thoughts on “livemocha free language

  1. There is another very cool FREE language learning site coming up as well.

    The lessons were actually developed by ACTFL (The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) which assures their quality

    It will be a FREE language learning website combined with a social networking where members will be able to:
    – do the lessons online anytime
    – get help from native speakers
    – help other members to learn their native language
    – chat with people around the world to practice the language and make friends
    – practice vocabulary with Flashcards and more….

    The site will be ready in a few weeks and people that pre-sign uo before the launch will become VIP members.

  2. My husband speaks French and my daughter will of course start French in school in the next year or two, so I have been wanting to get started myself. Thanks for the link.

  3. Livemocha is a great tool for language learning…great site with great features. I’m also using another language learning site as well…! Both of these sites have the tools I need to help me with my Spanish. I know there are a few others out there but I think these two are probably my favorite. I like eduFire because the owner is very active with the community and helps with any issue that may arise.

    If interested let me know if you want to give eduFire a trial run, I think I could set a free tutoring session up for anyone.

    Good Luck with online language learning.


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