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CCK08 Siemens interview on connectivism

Siemens interview on connectivism

I have just listened to this.  George being interviewed by Richard Schwier.  LISTEN!  It is worth your while.  George talks about connectivism, comparing complex and complicated problems in learning.

  • complicated as nuts and bolts to build a bicycle which is a DESIGN TO BE ASSEMBLED by following directions.
  • complex as weather previsione in which learning is considered a PROCESS and the learner engages and co-creates.  This is called participatory pedogogy.

George is pro complex because there is no set formula for an individual learner and each learner naturally carries his own personal baggage of learned experiences, thus networking comes to light.  This is carried, stimulated and it evolves through the web and through one’s neuro system.  George gives great emphasis to the learning process, unlike the standard system used in schools.

Also interesting is Siemens view on the networked digital world compared to paper.  These are simply tools for communication.  Compare the difference.

Richard Schwier is a professor of educational communications and technology at the University of Saskatchewan, where he coordinates the graduate program and conducts research on instructional design and online learning.  Here’s a bit more, for those among you who are bored and looking for something to do.  You may also be interested in visiting Rick’s Café Canadien for regular information of general interest, or to the Ed Tech Posse if you’re a podcast junkie.
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One thought on “CCK08 Siemens interview on connectivism

  1. Thanks Susan for the link
    .. i’ll try to find time for listening to this interview ;-]


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