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CCK08: participation and discovery vs normative methods

Cognitive Edge discusses participation and discovery!  Glorious news for artists and the inspired, for poets and musicians who live and breathe a world of discovery!

2. The development of an approach to research based on participation and discovery rather than normative methods. Programs are created in which issues and problems in the real world of organisations are brought together in accelerated co-evolutionary processes with academic concepts to create new knowledge and understanding. This includes a conscious effort to bring insight and understand from the natural sciences into social systems.

A naturalistic approach
Naturalistic approaches focus on a sufficient and shared description of the current state to allow the creation of interventions the impact of which can be monitored to allow the emergence of an beneficial future state. Naturalism is contrasted with normative or idealistic approaches which start with a desired future state, perform a gap analysis and then seek to close that gap.

Descriptive self awareness
Our research and consultancy methods aim to minimise the need for expert interpretation and recipe style approaches to
intervention design
Instead we focus on facilitating the emergence of meaning through and by the members of the organsiation or the subjects of the research.

I agree!  Let’s put it into action!

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