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CCK08 blah blah

CCK08 Participating?

everyone seems to be taking the liberty to complain about their personal involvement in the course, forum, readings, blogs, in the listenings…

Oh, just realized that there is a live connectivism event in Elluminate right now so I will listen…and chat.  I am getting weary from all the lenghty forums and blogs.  I am feeling disconnected in a connectivsm course.  And what do I have to say?  I am silent instead of being trite.  Concise instead of long and boring.

I still am very fond of Stephen Downes and his thinking and writings always glow for me.

The show is not yet on at Elluminate so on to another activity….

I would rather look at art or show you this:
(from Dave Pollard’s blog)

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