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some of my digital art @ bomomo :::::Summer and Fast


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6 thoughts on “some of my digital art @ bomomo :::::Summer and Fast

  1. No, I don’t paint. I took an inroductory art course many years ago in college which involved mostly drawing and I was, as I suspected, not good at it. However, many years ago I did some engineering drawing (I’m an engineer, by education) and was very good at it – the precision required of such drawing is a “natural” for science/math/engineer types. However, I think it is the contrast thereto of abstract art that draws me to it – vague and undefined, open to interpretation, imprecise (and intentionally so – worse yet for one who functions with precise “knowns”) – pretty much a 180 from anything I can do or am typically involved with…
    A very interesting thing happened when I looked at your “Summer” and “Fast”. When I rolled my mouse over them they come up labelled as “bomomo-4” and “bomomo-2”, respectively. I took this to be their names. It was only later, after I left my comment above regarding “Summer”, wherein I described it as “Spring” that I realized that “bomomo-4” and “bomomo-2” were actually named “Summer” and “Fast”, respectively. I guess I saw in “Summer” something very similar to your intent. And while I didn’t comment on “Fast” what I had seen was the daily “rat race” – the upper helix being the drive into work in the morning, the lower being the trip home in the evening, and the confusion of dots in between representing the “noise” of work… But it was those “fast” trips into and home from work that identified with the name you gave the piece.

    • Gary, your comment is interesting. I think you should go to and see how it works to draw there. It is so easy with this tool. I did about 4 or 5 , nameing them bomomo-1, bomomo-2 etc. just to save them in docs. Their names, colors and designs have all been spontaneously done. Although *Fast *does feel like a rat race, doesn’t it?

      By the way, what do you do …are you an engineer now? I teach English.

      S u s a n

      • Oh, yeah! That bomomo thing is hysterical – it can even make me look like a great abstract artist! It couldn’t be simpler – you just go there and start messin’ around! I don’t know who invented/created that website, but kudos to them.
        I work in a technical position in government – it’s kinda’ sorta’ “engineering-related”. It involves analyzing technical data – querying it out of databases or taking it out of spreadsheets, rearranging it, analyzing it, graphing it, putting it into tables, attempting to see any pattern/developing pattern in it, trying to draw some conclusions based on it – that sort of stuff.

  2. I particularly like bomomo-4… it is a picture of Spring with flowers and flower petals, leaves, stems, pistils and stamens – perhaps some water drops – set against the sky… I love abstract art.

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