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Long lost and poetry

is another blog dedicated to my poetry.  I will be transferring all my poems to this blog very soon so as not to make blog confusion.

The Dressed Bird

These are the images that carry my thoughts
and the lights that line the course of our voyage
still life memoirs to our tongues or
messages carried until renewal thwarts…

watch…. the dressed bird leaning on a pole, pale and dark tonight is the 4th of July
we walk in herds toward the lake like crusaders to witness i fuochi d’artifico


haunted by secrets, the old paths are burnished and cobble stoned – releasing an air and awe…we return to monuments of Chicago
which have sunken into Lake Michigan during a terrible snow storm
all that remains is Starbucks che finge a fare i cappuccini

July in a silt sky… sun shining through the city buzz, a hazy Chicago on Rush Street
at midday
compare the crisp Italian sun so bright and the one that smacks down in Miami…

We have walked down dreamer’s streets, have dared to kiss the men’s lips
passer-byes & transient clouds we listened to a dressed Algerian mago near la Notre Dames who made us laugh at disappearing cigarettes…where are you tonight my magic cat?

our coffee cools in the summer breath of the city…in any city: enter the gates to a myriad of burnished paths, cobble stoned and lost beneath time and history…
Open the doors of any home to witness love and maintenance while
underground tunnels of people get flushed by trains d’avanti e dietro in
une nuit Parisien s’il vous plait!

all rights reserved

Vanessa, Susan & Tommy - Notre Dame

:::::::::seburg 2006


4 thoughts on “Publications/Poetry

  1. thanks alot for your words!!!!! I like your obvservations…
    😉 Susan

  2. You allow the reader to see things from your perspective through your keen observation of the place. Your impressions of the city is strongly infectious influencing the way I look at Chicago now. I am quite new to Chicago. Everything I see still excite and surprise me. I welcome them like a child seeing things for the first time. And reading your piece directs me to things I haven’t noticed and still have to explore.

    I wish you well ~ Jeques

  3. I believe in Cosmos. All of us are linked to the Cosmos. So nature is my God. To me, nature scared. Trees are my temples and forests are my cathedrals. Nice

    A nice one Dreesed Birds are flying High..

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