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Webquests: Language Circuits


2 thoughts on “publication on webquests

  1. Hi Susan,

    Your activity sounds very interesting. How did the students give you the results to the quest? Were they to make a formal presentation to the class? did they have to write entries on the site concerning their search?
    I teach university students in France. Some of my students are going into the communication and advertising field. I divide them in groups of 3 and make them prepare a marketing plan (media plan, swot analysis, storyboard, 1 minute commercial) for a product that they have to invent. Then they make the sales pitch of the marketing plan to the rest of the class with a powerpoint presentation and conclude with their little video. They love it and all said it enabled them to learn many things (which I did not have to teach to them- they had to look it up!!!)
    Hope you love Florence as much as love Italy. Lived there 15 years (army brat) and go back regularly. If you ever wanted to come to the Tesol meetings in Paris, I would be very happy to meet you. Thanks for your input during the EVO session on PLE_PLN.
    Anita Owens

    • Thanks Anita!

      We are having an EVO 2011 Wrap-up Webcast today at 13:30 GMT so I hope you can make it!

      The Webquest I created was carried out by my classes at the University of Florence. Students wrote individual responses, sent them to me for correction and brought them in for the final exam. They had to then orally describe how they would manage to overcome the obstacles set up in the Webquest. It worked out well because they were very unique and clever and each student had to express how he would solve the problem. Certainly not material you could Google and copy!

      Thanks for your visit here and maybe we can meet sometime f2f! We can keep in touch! You have given me food for thought on how to teach some of my present students. I think we need this kind of problem solving material to get them working. Your work is a great solution, too!

      Here are the details for today:

      EVO 2011 Wrap-up Webcast will be held on
      Februrary 13, Sunday, 13:30 GMT at for a live session. Please get your headset ready and be prepared to listen to all the organizers and session leaders for the Electonic Village Online. You will have an opportunity to speak – see the info on the above link!

      All the best, Susan

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