open found and Susan

Wrestling with Imaginary Warriors

life in small pulses gives and takes

fiori di limoni measure richness

I hired a bulldozer to knock down the barriers

to see beyond the horizons and

step in new territory

was scarey business

I found worse than wolves then

learned a new tongue

what is more refreshing than overcoming a hurdle?


2 thoughts on “Wrestling with Imaginary Warriors

  1. Every now and then we arrive to new frontiers in life. And it is for us to choose to remain in the comforts of our usual zones or to take the risk and step beyond that line and transcend the limits we set for ourselves or the bounderies imposed on us by other people. We reap the reward of becoming a better person everytime we hurdle something ~ and or even if we fail. It is better to fail than forever regreting one thing that we have not tried in our lifetime.

    I wish you well ~ Jeques

  2. Hello! I don’t konw you’re a poet. Thank you for your words in Las afinidades electivas. I’ve got a blog too:

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